Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Address speech - During Alumni meet of Engineering College- My style

Respected chairman , trustees , Teaching and Non teaching staff , the alumnis and the students .

I am thankful to you all for inviting me on the occasion of Alumni day .  I remember way back in 2005 I was invited to speak on the 1st Alumni Meet  . At the outset I am thankful to my wife and daughter for allowing me to come here on a Saturday, they are a great support  .

I would take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Dharkar , a visionary and reformist , educationist who had put Karjat on the education Map through this Trust . I was really sad to hear about his demise . May GOD bless his soul .

A story about Dr Kushwant singh and Mr DN Ghosh the Attorney and a respected Judicial personnel . Kushwant had written a article about Mr Ghosh and he was upset , Mr Ghosh demanded an apology and Kushwant wasnot budging nor deleting the article . The fight went on , however when Kushwant came  to know that they are both from the same College and Mr Ghosh was senior to him , kushwant dropped the article and apologized to him. The ALUMNI Power . So I request all the alumni to do their bit for the college and the current lot of students .

It was way back in 1994 ,  when I got admission in Engg , a chance admission since KGCE was the last college to choose and frankly when we landed up to pay the fees ( I was having whole lot of expectation as those 4 years were gonna be full of fun and I dreamt of running around in the huge campus, having girl friends etc  )  there was no college to be visible , just some few rooms  and Ulhas River in front for a campus . Thus begin our tryst with engg , we were starting our career and the college to was born with us . There was this dilemma of whether we will graduate or not . But all our worries were laid to rest after the initial hiccup , day by day  the foundation got stronger and we too became stronger, staying as paying guest for couple of years and having the best of the room mates were the salient feature . They are life time friends . All of my batchmates and junior mates of the subsequent years  are good friends even today . We had our share of enjoyment and excitement , whether be it academics , sports or cultural activities. Hats off to all the professors who went out of the way to teach inspite of their limited  teaching experience  , I still remember we rushing to there homes even at late nights for clarification of doubts and they obliged as always .

Life went on and sports day use to be fun , I was lucky as I was from a very strong team of Instrumentation whether its Kabbadi , cricket anything . Spring fiesta was a gr8 forum one of My colleague Mohit and Ajay christened the name for the same.  Life moves on and so have I , but the memories of being here will never fade as we were the guys from Premium Batch .

Thanks to Mumbai University , they offer various schemes every year ….. ATKT ( We lovingly call “Atta Tari Kadhi Tari”  scheme ) and as an engineering student that’s a big hope .  The most powerful word which we would love to hear during those days were  guess what ………… not “I Love You” but it was that powerful word “ All Clear”  which eluded me till 5th Sem .

Let me tell u I was an average but hardworking student , my only aim in life then was to complete engineering in 4 years and whatever happened thereafter was bonus. I cleared in 4years with a  First Class in Last 4 semesters . I still believe I am an average but hardworking guy.

I take this opportunity to wish on behalf of all my Batchmates of  1998 and subsequent batches ,  to all of you to have  gr8 year aheads , they are all doing very well in whatever  spheres of life and whichever part of the world they are  “ From Karjat to Kentucky “ they are all there .

I went on to join Indian Navy and was a commsioned officer , Navy helped me to mould  in to a good professional , with good Technomanagerial skills . Awards and accolades with lot of decoration in Navy happened as life went on . I am currently with Indian Register of shipping the National Shiiping classification society of India .

I started my day , hoping to catch Karjat local in time 8.16 , but still caught the train almost on dot time , see I have not changed during college days too it was same scenario. I was feeling like a 22 year old , but suddenly a 24 something beautiful girl  asked in Train “Uncle yeh train Dombivli Jaati hai kya” and that’s when I realized age toh bahut ho gaya, but today I feel vibrant coming amongst you .

I believe you should be technically strong on whatever u learn in college as it matters in the professional life .  Keep an attitude positive one  “ Harsha Bhogle says -  70 % of Talent and 100 % of attitude makes you a gr8 Manager , but 100% talent and no positive attitude may end u up no where” .

So on this note I sign off …………….  A very best to all of you and  Jai Hind.

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